April 5-6, 2014 THROUGH April 26-27, 2014


Apr 5, 5pm Mass Apr 6, 10am Mass
READER 1 Thelma Pikciunas Bill Buckley
READER 2 Paul Kessler Sharon Cannon
EMC-1 Tom Pikciunas Julia Marlow
EMC-2 John Fortuna Chuck Riedel
EMC-3 Melanie Fortuna Kathy Rodgers
EMC-4 Not Needed Connie Reed
EMC-5 Not Needed Patrick Giltnane
EMC-6 Not Needed Mary Ollie Newman
EMC-7 Not Needed Betty Gabbard
USHER 1 John Liszeski Olga Burnette
USHER 2 Oliver McLemore Ann Julian
USHER 3 Linda Nadeau Ed Bates
USHER 4 Beverly McCutcheon Bob Gladish
CROSS/BOOK Miguel Silva Lizzie Twohig
CHALICE Lissette Silva Gavrik Paul


Apr 12, 5pm Mass Apr 13, 10am Mass
READER 1 Phillip Talmadge Lisa Paul
READER 2 Diane Schwartz Tom Moran
EMC-1 Gladys Fortsch Tommy Fortsch, Jr.
EMC-2 Jim Barrett Vivian Brocato
EMC-3 John Liszeski Andy Granger
EMC-4 NOT NEEDED Paige Stallings
EMC-5 NOT NEEDED Sue Granger
EMC-6 NOT NEEDED Sam Brocato
EMC-7 NOT NEEDED Connie Reed
USHER 1 Bill Gates Hugh Reed
USHER 2 Holly Gates Helen Dionne
USHER 3 Ed Fiegle John Jones
USHER 4 Beverly McCutcheon Bob Whitaker
CROSS/BOOK Miguel Silva Jacob Moates
CHALICE Lissette Silva Katherine Moates


The Holy Triduum and Easter Weekend will be volunteer sign up.

 Sign-up sheet will be in the middle table in the Narthex the first weekend of April. Please sign up for your ministry and please do not wait until the last minute.

 God bless and thank you for what you do for your ministry.


Apr 26, 5pm Mass Apr 27, 10am Mass
READER 1 Jim Barrett Sam Brocato
READER 2 Gloria Risko Lou Pascarella
EMC-1 John Fortuna Chuck Riedel
EMC-2 Melanie Fortuna Kathy Rodgers
EMC-3 Tom Pikciunas Patrick Giltnane
EMC-4 NOT NEEDED Mary Ollie Newman
EMC-5 NOT NEEDED Betty Gabbard
EMC-6 NOT NEEDED Julia Marlow
EMC-7 NOT NEEDED Connie Reed
USHER 1 Bill Gates Ann Julian
USHER 2 Holly Gates Olga Burnette
USHER 3 Linda Nadeau Ed Bates
USHER 4 Oliver McLemore Steve Tayloe
CROSS/BOOK Miguel Silva Jaxon Marlow
CHALICE Lissette Silva Gavrik Paul

Please note for reference:


Contact Connie Reed for any changes or dates you cannot be scheduled for your ministry at the following number or email address:

Cell: 423-368-5275  or Email address:connie_reed at






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